How does your bank link your unique identity to your bank account? Are you sure that your account is linked to your name and no one else’s? And how does the bank know you are who you say you are?

Traditional methods when opening a bank account include submitting a passport, identity card, or proof of address. But this opens up avenues for identity fraud where identity documents and passports are prone to forgery. By registering your unique biometric data (fingerprint, face, voice, iris) using Laxton’s biometric registration solutions, you will ensure that you, and only you, are registered with your bank. Your bank account will be linked to your unique biometric data making it virtually impossible for anyone to steal your identity and allow them access your accounts.

Your unique biometric features will mean that you always have your identity registration data with you. No need for unique passwords, security numbers, ID cards, or other documents, when opening an account, or making changes to an account.

When entering a bank you will be able to verify your identity by applying your unique biometric feature: be it fingerprint, face, voice, iris, or a combination in order to access your accounts.

Laxton SelfService and Identity banking Solutions

Laxton offers a wide range of customized selfservice and identity solutions for the banking and financial sector. Banking with Laxton’s identity registration and verification solutions makes banking secure and easy, for both you and the bank.

This includes integrated biometric hardware and software solutions, enrollment kiosks, live scan kiosks, instant card-issue kiosks, personnel and queue management kiosks, and information kiosks. Laxton also offers BitCoin payment solutions.

All selfservice kiosks can be built to customer specifications and are guaranteed to deliver for the banking customer.