Citizen Identity solutions for Law Enforcement Officials

From initial planning to final wrap-up

Our hardware and software solutions ensure law enforcement officials are well-equipped to manage biometric needs. Whether you are recording or gathering evidence. Authentication laptops and kits are rugged, reliable and will keep you connected in order to send findings immediately. 

Accurate, time-saving, mobile, secure authentication and verification are key requirements for those in the security industry. Our user-friendly devices and thoughtful solutions consider the needs of those who put public security at the forefront of what they do. Experience quick, reliable, contact free and easy digital authentication from wherever you are. Our solutions help you focus on the work you do, letting you spend more time in the field and less time at a desk.

Why Laxton

Laxton has the experience, expertise, and partner network to successfully implement citizen identity solutions worldwide. Our bespoke solutions are sustainable, flexible, and provide excellent user experiences for operators and citizens. 

Our end-to-end solutions help customers implement Citizen Identity Systems, from Solution Design to in-country support.


Well-equipped for every task

Cost effective and sustainable

Design and manufacturing of hardware and software

Expert team

Local maintenance and support

Capable, secure and mobile solutions


Law Enforcement Officials and First Responders

Mobile and station booking
Easily authenticate when on patrol or in police vehicles. Kiosk booking terminals and enrollment at busy police stations.

Critical communications
First responders need speed and accuracy in a crisis situation. Biometric resources at their fingertips impact life and death.

National criminal database

On the spot Blacklist searching and secure access to on-board watchlists without having to wait.

Driver's license verification
Ability to quickly and efficiently do document authentication and identity verification while on the road at a routine stop.


Field Specialists and identification experts

Crime Scenes
Capture photographic evidence, report directly at crime scenes, and kits are suitable for forensic laboratories

Identify disaster victims, with access to full or modular solutions.

Lightweight and Mobile
Durable, rugged and able to withstand extreme weather conditions.

On the spot latent print processing, and handwriting analysis.


Investigation experts, Interviewers and authenticators.

Certified, reliable, accurate
Reduce identification time with suspects, bookings, investigations, and police clearance certificates

Witness viewing
Hardware and software to assist with mugbooks, digital line ups, and SMTs (scars, marks and tattoos).

Biometric searches
Provide your team with key info at their fingertips to help them quickly perform searches, matches, and increase accuracy of one-to-many searches.

Digital identity authentication
Accurate management of identities in a physical or digital credential with a handheld tool using our software.

Strategic partnerships help us influence digital security

By combining Laxton’s multi-modal biometric technology, national criminal and security databases, and proven policing methodologies, law enforcement officials are better placed to serve the public and increase the speed with which they can perform their duties and deliver justice.

Irina Stoica
VP Sales: Europe

Case Studies

Biometric kit training in Ghana

Ghana National Elections

December 7, 2020 was the day of the parliamentary national elections and to prepare, the Electoral Commission of Ghana implemented a new voter registration solution to ensure the accuracy of citizen’s information (no duplications), reduce fraud and deliver a secure voters Registration Roll.

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Tanzania Presidential Elections

For the 2015 Presidential Elections in Tanzania, the Tanzania National Election Commission required a new biometric voter registration and verification solution that would inspire faith in the electoral process, and that could reach all 58M people – regardless of where they were located.

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