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Rugged Election Laptop

The Voreza II (Model VOR2 IEC2 X04) is designed for the end-user. Being compact, lightweight and rugged, the device is very easy to transport and operate. Unlike other limited registration devices, the Voreza adapts to the needs of the user. Choose between laptop and tablet modes, you can register voters via an on-screen or physical keyboard. Seamlessly switch between using the Voreza as an indoor desktop workstation, or an outdoor mobile data collecting device.

Barcode Capture

The Voreza has 1D and 2D programmable barcode scanning units. It also features two 8MP Auto Focus Digital Cameras on the front and the back of the unit.


The Device is Rugged, tamper-proof, shock & impact resistant IP65 casing built to handle harsh, remote environments, and heavy operating conditions.


The Voreza comes equipped with GLONASS and GPS communication which has accuracy within 5m.


A long-life battery with +8 hours of battery life is standard in the unit. The device also comes with LED battery status indicators and is removable.


The Voreza is adaptable and can switch between a desktop vs a portable mobile workstation, laptop vs tablet mode, and a non-screen vs physical keyboard.


The Device comes with a custom, rugged handle

Shoulder Strap

Featuring a custom nylon adjustable shoulder strap

Hand strap

Custom, high quality, clip-on rugged hand strap

Charging Station

Standalone, portable, multiple battery charger. Capable of charging 5x batteries simultaneously

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