Chameleon 8

An all-in-one, multi-modal biometric tablet.

Chameleon-8 front

An all-in-one, Windows based biometric tablet

Chameleon 8 is an all-in-one registration, verification, and secure document reading tablet. It’s rugged, lightweight, and easy to operate. Chameleon 8 is highly customizable to match the project requirements. From one to four fingers capture, more CPU and memory, optional iris and passport scanning, many things are possible. 

Chameleon 8

An all-in-one, rugged biometric tablet.

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Use case

One device,

Many configurations

The Chameleon 8 is highly customizable to perfectly match the task. From one to 4 fingers capture, more CPU and memory, optional iris and passport scanning, many things are possible. 

Use case

Law Enforcement

Movement between countries is ever-increasing. Identification checks are essential to ensure public safety. It is crucial for officers in the field to rapidly identify any threats, fraud, or visa overstayers fast to ensure a safe and smooth process. Authenticate secure documents easily with the integrated MRZ scanner and UV/IR/White light.

Use case

Citizen Identity Registration

Create a reliable population register with a robust solution tailored for large-scale identity registration projects. Capture high-quality biometric data and offer citizens the best service. Simplify enrollments and make it a convenient and fast experience for registration personnel and citizens alike.

Use case

EU Entry-Exit System

The EES requires biometric data collection of every third country national upon entry and exit to/from the Schengen area. Efficiently manage the flow of travelers and cut processing time with a mobile and user-friendly solution. Capture biometrics before passport control so border guards can focus on granting access.Verification within the Schengen borders is crucial. A secure and intuitive hand-held device supports every officer in performing checks.
Use case

MOSIP Platform

Chameleon 8 is compatible with the MOSIP platform. Making it the first Windows OS tablet ever, usable for identity registration with MOSIP.


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