Chameleon 8

A rugged, multi-modal biometric tablet.

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Multi-modal biometrics

Chameleon 8 is the only advanced, multi-modal biometric tablet in the world that runs on Windows. It has all the features you need to register and verify citizens, such as a 4-4 2 fingerprint scanner, iris camera, face capture camera and NFC (Near Field Communication) reader. It’s rugged and easy to operate. The tablet is highly customisable. From one to four fingerprint capture and an optional passport scanner – many things are possible.

Chameleon 8

An all-in-one, rugged biometric tablet.

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Registration Speed

One device, many configurations.

Chameleon 8 is highly customisable to perfectly match the task. From one to 4 fingers capture, optional iris and passport scanner, many things are possible. Just ask us.

Chameleon 8 Registration Kit

A registration office for on-the-go.

MOSIP Compliant Tablet

Chameleon 8 is compliant with MOSIP for citizen registration. The Modular Open Source Identity Platform (MOSIP) helps governments and other organisations cost-effectively implement a digital, foundational identity system. 

Any nations can use MOSIP freely to build their identity systems. Being modular in its architecture, MOSIP provides flexibility in implementing and configuring its systems, meeting the varying needs and challenges of countries around the world.

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Use case

Law Enforcement

Movement between countries is ever-increasing. Accurate identification checks are therefore essential to public safety. It is crucial for officers in the field to quickly identify any threats, fraud or visa overstayers to ensure a safe and smooth process. Authenticate secure documents easily with the integrated MRZ scanner and UV/IR/White light.

Use case

Citizen Identity Registration

Create a reliable population register with a robust solution tailored for large-scale identity registration projects. Capture high-quality biometric data, simplify enrolments and make it a fast, convenient experience for both registration personnel and citizens.

Use case

EU Entry-Exit System

The EES requires biometric data collection of every third-country national upon entry and exit to/from the Schengen area. Efficiently manage the flow of travellers and cut processing time with a mobile and user-friendly solution. 

Capture biometrics before passport control so border guards can focus on granting access. A secure and intuitive hand-held device supports every officer in performing checks.


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