Chameleon 7

Go Anywhere,
Register Everyone!


Operate it in the palm of your hand

Chameleon 7 is an all-in-one registration, verification, and secure document authentication device. It is rugged, lightweight, and easy to operate in the palm of one hand. It’s made for mobility and works even without an internet connection. Need more than 9 hours of operating time? Quickly replace the battery or charge it with the solar panel.

Chameleon 7

An all-in-one, lightweight handheld for extreme durability and mobility.

Doc Reading
Doc Authentication

Registration Speed


Docking station

The docking station fast-charges the device and an additional battery simultaneously.


Adaptable and rugged carry pouch for comfortable, on-the-go use.

MRZ Scanner

Integrated high-speed passport scanner. Scans eID and RFID content at once.


Equiped with a solar panel and battery system, the backpack enables you to go anywhere.


Fast-charge up to 5 batteries simultaneously.

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Use case

EU Entry-Exit System

The EES requires biometric data collection of every third country national upon entry and exit to/from the Schengen area. Efficiently manage the flow of travelers and cut processing time with a mobile and user-friendly solution. Capture biometrics before passport control so border guards can focus on granting access.Verification within the Schengen borders is crucial. A secure and intuitive hand-held device supports every officer in performing checks.
Use case

Citizen Identity Registration

Create a reliable population register with a robust solution tailored for large-scale identity registration projects. Capture high-quality biometric data and offer citizens the best service. Simplify enrollments and make it a convenient and fast experience for registration personnel and citizens alike.

Use case

Law Enforcement

Movement between countries is ever-increasing. Identification checks are essential to ensure public safety. It is crucial for officers in the field to rapidly identify any threats, fraud, or visa overstayers fast to ensure a safe and smooth process. Authenticate secure documents easily with the integrated MRZ scanner and UV/IR/White light.


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