Chameleon 5R

Go Anywhere,
Register Everyone!


Operate it in the palm of your hand

Chameleon 5R is a lightweight handheld. It is tamper-proof and works both offline and online. Chameleon 5R is highly adaptable to perfectly match the task. It’s an ideal device for law enforcement and border management officials.

Chameleon 5R

A lightweight, mobile verification device designed for law enforcement and border management.

Doc Reading
Doc Authentication

Verification Speed


Docking station

The docking station fast-charges the device and an additional battery simultaneously.


Adaptable and rugged carry pouch for comfortable, on-the-go use.


Fast-charge up to five batteries simultaneously.

Protective Case

EVA case with power adaptor and stylus.

Chameleon 5R Registration Kit

A registration office for on-the-go.

Use case

Law Enforcement

Movement between countries is ever-increasing. Identification checks are essential to ensure public safety. It is crucial for officers in the field to rapidly identify any threats, fraud, or visa overstayers fast to ensure a safe and smooth process. Authenticate secure documents easily with the integrated MRZ scanner and UV/IR/White light.

Use case

Citizen Identity Registration

Create a reliable population register with a robust solution tailored for mass identity registration projects. Capture high-quality biometric data, simplify enrolments and make it a positive experience for both registration personnel and citizens.

Use case

EU Entry-Exit System

The EES requires biometric data collection of every third-country national upon entry and exit to/from the Schengen area. Efficiently manage the flow of travellers and cut processing time with a mobile, user-friendly solution. 

Capture biometrics before passport control, so border guards can focus on granting access. A secure and intuitive hand-held verification device supports every officer in performing checks.