Chameleon 5L

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Operate it in the palm of your hand

Chameleon 5L is a lightweight handheld. It is tamper-proof and works both offline and online. Chameleon 5L is configurable, with many accessories to perfectly match the task. It’s an ideal device for fast and simple voter verification on election day.

Chameleon 5L

A lightweight, mobile verification device. Ideal for voter verification on election day.

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Use case

Law Enforcement

Movement between countries is ever-increasing. Identification checks are essential to ensure public safety. It is important for officers in the field to rapidly detect any threats, fraud or visa overstayers. Quickly verify an individual and receive the result instantly.

Use case

Citizen Identity Verification

Quickly verify an individual with a robust device tailored for mass identity verification needs, like on an election day.  Capture high quality biometric data, simplify enrolments and make it a positive experience for verification personnel and citizens.


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