Laxton’s rugged E-Passport Enrolment kit is a complete multi-modal biometric registration kit for full tenprint enrollment, with photo ID, and passport, and ID document capture and verification capability.

The kit is designed to withstand harsh operating environments, and long hours of heavy use. It is ideal for repeated use in rural or urban environments with limited access to power.

The kit is highly customizable and includes: 442 fingerprint reader, HD camera, MRZ reader, digital signature pad, 2D barcode scanner, RFID contactless card reader, A4 document scanner, multiple communication features, and a laptop to capture, record, encrypt, and store large biometric databases.

The kits can be used for multiple different applications in a variety of environments such as: Border Control and Immigration.

  • FBI Certified 442 fingerprint scanners for tenprint enrolment
  • HD camera with for ICAO standard ID photos
  • 14” Laptop
  • MRZ reader
  • Digital signature pad
  • 2D barcode scanner
  • RFID Contactless card reader
  • A4 document scanner
  • Thermal receipt (label) printer
  • Multiple communication features
  • Power Management System for up to 12 hours of autonomous use
  • Lightweight rugged IP67 case: water, dust & shock resistant
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