Chameleon K

Go anywhere. Register everyone.

A full fledged Biometric Registration Kit

Easy transportable with its lightweight IP67 case

LG - MOSIP Page - Rev 03 - 15 Sep 2021-13

IP67 case
Combination of hardware modules and integrated middleware offers easy development of authentication in your applications.

LG - Cham K Page - Rev 01 - 20 Oct 2021-09

1.2 meter drop-test
Safely transport the device in its robust yet lightweight case with 1.2 meter drop-test guarantee.

Asset 10

12 hour battery
Strong battery with 12 hours operating time.

LG - Cham D Page - Rev 01 - 19 Oct 2021-10

14″ laptop
It’s 14” screen allows you to fill in large forms with ease.

LG - Cham K Page - Rev 01 - 20 Oct 2021-04

Laxton 58 mm thermal printer.


Digital signature capture Includes digital signature pad and pen (stylus).


LED Camera
Laxton Camera Assembly with LED light.


Document scanner
2MP or 5MP document scanner. Metal plate with size markings.


Windows 10 Pro
Reuse your existing application in a snap, thanks to its Windows 10 Pro OS.

LG - Cham K Page - Rev 01 - 20 Oct 2021-05

Iris scanner
Auto capture iris camera. 


Read all documents
Reading Passports and identity cards with contactless and contact chips, barcodes.


FAP 60
Capture 1, 2 or 4 fingerprints at once. Tamper proof and ultra secure.

Asset 11

Wifi / Bluetooth / 4G / GPS.

LG - Cham K Page - Rev 01 - 20 Oct 2021-06

Solar panel, photo backdrop and a rugged backpack.

Highly configurable
Extremely durable

Use case

Identity registration & verification

Chameleon K is a compact, secure, all-in-one biometric registration and verification kit. The kit is ideal for registering and verifying large groups of people.

Use case

Border control & law enforcement

Register or verify individuals using a combination of documents, biometrics and reference databases.

Use case

Voter registration & voting

Chameleon K has all the capabilities for high-quality and efficient voter registration for enrolment, and verification on election day.

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