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We know that the work continues after election day. Together, we will help you securely manage remaining requirements and tasks before full program closure.

Vote counting

From traditional to mobile electronic ballot counting, the process must result in seamless, live reporting. In particular, manual vote counting requires large numbers of staff to ensure each cast ballot is captured. Our team works to support on-site management with a system to record, and audit results.

Result Transmission

Our integrated hardware and software solutions reliably transmit and consolidate Election results. These are transmitted to a central database so you can feel comfortable with the validation, and reporting.

Result Reporting

Live results reporting is becoming more common in some countries. By ensuring quick turn-around time on data validation, and seamlessly integrating to a central database, the vote counting process can be expedited. Thus, results are reported live for all to see.

Program Closure

And, the day is a wrap. Polling stations are closed, votes counted, and results reported.In a world where so much is disposable, we thoughtfully design and build our biometric hardware with repeat usage in mind. Equipment must have wear-and-tear maintenance completed, and devices and materials must be adequately kept and stored post-election for future use.

We build secure biometric solutions for the election space because we believe the democratic election process matters. We envision a world where each person can cast their vote without fear of interference or tampering. Where a single voice can contribute to the sound of a Nation. Lyle Laxton CEO, Laxton Group

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