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Laxton offers different partnership models to help you discover what’s possible and to delight your customers. Strengthen your offerings by partnering with Laxton and provide your customers with unmatched end-to-end biometric solutions. Our goal is to ensure that you have access to Laxton all the key information and resources you need.  Plus, that you always have a direct contact person you can reach out to with questions as we grow together. 

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We offer end-to-end solutions for Elections, Citizen Identity, and Security. Our solutions are robust, cost-effective, and provide unparalleled user experiences for operators and citizens alike.


Gain access to different sales-focused information, and materials. The level of support depends on various factors such as your commitments, and the extent to which Laxton solutions are integrated into your offering.

• Resellers
• Distributors
• System integrators
• Referral agents


Tailored programs and support that you are looking for. Based on your needs, commitment level, and the solutions most focused on, we have the tools to assist.

• Technology partners
• Independent Software Vendors
• Subject Matter Experts

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As a partner we align with your offerings, brand, and collaborate. Partner marketing campaigns differ from size, region, type of campaign and strategy, but always have the focus for a strong win/win result for all parties involved.

• Marketing & Media Teams
• Design Teams
• Special Events/Tradeshows Leads
• Thought Leadership Program Leads

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Whether you are a reseller, distributor, system integrator, referral agent or end-user, we’ve considered what your needs are.

Our goal is to ensure that you have access to relevant information and resources from/about Laxton. Also, we provide you with a direct point-of-contact person so you’re always heard.

You’ll gain access to different Laxton programs and support. The level of support depends on factors such as your commitments, and the extent to which our solutions are integrated into your offering.

Preferential pricing

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Frequently Asked Questions

Companies with solid technical background and experience in distribution of registration or verification biometric solutions for elections, identity and law enforcement verticals are welcome to join forces with Laxton to develop existing and new markets and accomplish projects.

By joining Laxton’s Partner Program your company receives special treatment to grow your business and increase revenues. Besides this, you join a professional network of Laxton partners globally to enjoy the best business practices and the newest products and technologies. As a Laxton partner you will be exposed to a number of key benefits which include:

  • Special prices for Laxton products and services
  • Dedicated technical support services
  • Specific sales and marketing support
  • As well as many other important incentives
  1. Reseller – minimum commitment and obligations in product marketing and promotion, product support and maintenance, nevertheless possibility to access deal registration process, enjoy discounted prices and preferential communication.
  2. Distributor – maximum commitment and obligations in product marketing and promotion, product support and maintenance, access to deal registration process, preferential communication and the best prices.
  3. System integrator / Value added reseller – strategic project partners who use Laxton products/solutions for integration in complex biometric systems offered to end-users, enjoy special prices and designated contact person for preferred communication.
  4. Referral agent – a person/individual or a company providing information about projects/contacts and help in achieving positive decision to win contracts.

Fill in partner registration form and we will come back to you for further discussions to determine the role of your company and level of collaboration.

Partner programme participation is free of charge. But we expect commitment from our partners at different levels to develop mutually beneficial business. In its turn Laxton will provide the best support in marketing, sales and other materials as well as training and knowledge/experience sharing.

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