Laxton specialises in the delivery of large-scale National Identity solutions. A secure and accurate national identification database allows government planning departments to allocate the necessary resources and budget to programs in order to meet national development objectives. This supports efficient budget expenditure, and can improve service delivery.

In many countries it is a legal requirement that all individuals over a certain age are issued with an ID document or ID card, which provides Proof of Identity and empowers citizens to access basic rights, services, and benefits such as:

  • Bank accounts and credit facilities
  • Travel documents (i.e. visa’s, passports, work permits, immigration status)
  • Proof of Identity in situations where defense in court is required
  • Health insurance and services
  • Social benefits
  • Government grants and subsidies
  • Education and bursaries
  • Employers, and business opportunities
  • Land, and Housing Titles

Nationwide roll-out of identity registration, identity cards, verification, and certification/licenses is no easy task, and requires cost-effective, customized solutions capable of reaching remote locations where communities and individuals have little access to communication, and infrastructure.

Roll-outs require that the recorded biometric data be transmitted to central databases, consolidated, validated, and stored in order for the data to be used effectively for information and national development planning purposes.

Laxton designs, manufactures and delivers integrated biometric hardware and software for large-scale National ID programs including. Solutions include: biometric registration equipment, instant PVC card issuance equipment, mobile biometric tablets, handheld devices, central database management systems, modularized software solutions, and in-country project management services to ensure that large-scale national identity registration, verification, and authentication projects can be effectively implemented, resourced, and managed.

The process of biometric registration for a National ID program, or any program requiring biometric registration is shown in the flow chart below:

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