Civil registration based on biographic information alone is outdated and vulnerable to fraud and identity theft. The implementation of a modern, multi-modal, biometric system for civil registration is a far more reliable and secure means of registering and verifying information related to birth, deaths, adoption, marriages, and divorce. An accurate biometric civil registration database not only reduces the chances of identity theft and identity fraud it also has the potential to improve the accuracy of national statistics necessary for census information and resource planning.

Civil registration data and documentation is necessary as proof of identity for legal documents that allow individuals to access a multitude of basic rights, services, and benefits such as:

  • Adoption
  • Bank accounts and credit facilities
  • Business Registration
  • Education and bursaries
  • Employers, and business opportunities
  • Government grants and subsidies
  • Healthcare services
  • Home ownership and title deeds
  • Insurance
  • Social benefits
  • Travel documents

Laxton’s biometric registration kits, self service kiosks, and mobile devices are ideal for registration and verification of births, adoption, deaths, marriage, and divorces. Laxton’s integrated biometric hardware, and modularized software solutions are custom designed to capture the necessary biometric and biographic data for inputs into national civil registration database.

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