In a highly competitive world it is becoming more important to verify the identity and employment history of prospective employees, especially candidates applying for jobs that require special security clearance. Biometric background screening allows an employer to verify prospective candidate’s identities, and crosscheck these against national databases.

Positions of trust that require high security clearance such as those in law enforcement, public institutions, transport, education, and health industries all require accurate and secure identity registration and verification.

Biometric background screening can verify qualifications, credit history, existing legal notices, previous employment, and criminal history. Certification clearance requirements for driver’s licenses, hunting and fishing licenses, and gun licenses can also be verified using biometric background screening methods. For example: in the United States criminal background checks are required to purchase handguns from licensed dealers. Licensed firearm dealers can use biometric background screening to verify an individuals criminal history when purchasing a firearm.

Laxton’s Biometric Background Screening Kit

Laxton offers a complete solution for biometric background screening with multiple security identification features. The integrated biometric hardware and software solution includes quality control checks to meet international and national regulatory standards.

The biometric background screening kit includes features to capture biometric and biographic data and check this against existing, or new, databases to verify an individual’s identity and employment, credit and criminal history. Fingerprints captured on Laxton’s background screening kit can be cross-checked against the FBI’s national fingerprint database.

Laxton’s background screening kit can be customized to specification.


  • FBI certified fingerprint reader to capture all 10 fingerprints
  • Laptop with customized software to capture, record, encrypt, validate, and store biometric data and allow this to be cross-checked against the FBI fingerprint database.
  • Photo ID camera with LED light system to capture ICAO standard photos
  • Electronic signature pad
  • Drivers license reader to automatically capture applicants details
  • Collapsible document scanner to scan A4 documents, books, résumés, cards, passports, driver’s license etc.


Please download the attached PDF for more information on Laxton’s Biometric Background Screening Kit: Biometric Background Screening Kit



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