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We put people at the centre of our solutions and provide quick, easy, and secure verification and authentication of identity – no matter the conditions. With a Fit-For-Purpose mindset, we offer cost-effective, rugged, multi-modal biometric hardware, software, and services solutions to meet the rapidly changing demands of citizen identity.Every individual should have the right to have an identity, no matter where they are. Our reliable and secure solutions opens up digital identity to people around the world impacting their access to fundamental services like financial/government support, healthcare, elections, education, and mobile connectivity.

Solutions that change the landscape of Identity


Identity solutions are modular and can be delivered as a full solution or in parts.

Pre enrollment
Remote pre-enrollment of data to accelerate and control the flow of the on-site enrollment process.

Reliable, accurate, and fast biometric enrollment to confirm unicity and enable further verification.

Fixed or mobile
Stationary kiosks, desktop solutions, mobile handheld, and tablet solutions.

Online & offline
For mass online enrollment centres or offline registration of individuals, our solutions work for whatever infrastructure is in place.


Management and issuance of identities in a physical or digital format that can be held in the pocket, in a smartphone, or in the cloud.

Worry-free security for the management of identity no matter the format - in the palm of the hand or in the digital cloud.

Production and delivery of identity credentials to the right person in the most efficient way.

Solutions that use smart technology and are designed to meet an individuals' requirements, and operating environment to offer convenience and efficiency.

Administrative services
Personalized support from the start to the end of a project including set up, deployment, training, change management, and operations.


Biometric verification to prove identity, wherever you are.

Document authentication
Undisputed accuracy for all forms of official documents.

Identity verification
Quick, easy, concise verification of all forms of citizen identity.

Identity attribute sharing
Securely and easily share key identity attributes with respect for privacy and a person's consent.

Enhanced cryptograms to be used for authentication when verifying an individual for use in any number of ways including for government ID, and travel.

Why Laxton

Laxton has the experience, expertise, and partner network to successfully implement citizen identity solutions worldwide. Our bespoke solutions are sustainable, flexible, and provide excellent user experiences for operators and citizens. Our end-to-end solutions help customers implement Citizen Identity Systems, from Solution Design to in-country support.


Well-equipped for every task

Cost effective & sustainable

Design & manufacturing of hardware and software

Expert team

Local maintenance and support

Malawi established a national biometric ID system at breakneck speed.

Secure Identity
Case Studies

Biometric kit training in Ghana

Ghana National Elections

December 7, 2020 was the day of the parliamentary national elections and to prepare, the Electoral Commission of Ghana implemented a new voter registration solution to ensure the accuracy of citizen’s information (no duplications), reduce fraud and deliver a secure voters Registration Roll.

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Malawians holding their first National ID Card

Malawi National ID

This country of 18.6M individuals known for its emerging wildlife, kind people, and as the “warm heart of Africa” needed digital identity solutions for its people. A significant challenge faced Malawi in 2017: the need for biometric National ID cards which would be the first time its citizens would receive National ID cards.

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Indonesia AFIS Security Solution

The Indonesian AFIS department needed to have a biometric solution to ensure that they could track across all the different islands and feel confident that the devices they would use for this would be able to withstand their difficult terrain.

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