From initial planning to final wrap-up

We enable governments to hold successful elections with robust and cost-effective solutions. We deliver large-scale end-to-end services, including biometric registration and verification devices, our specific functional software platforms, and in-country services. We work closely with organisations such as MOSIP and OSIA to align our solutions with industry standards. Together with organisations such as the UNDP, IOM, the World Bank, etc., we support global initiatives aimed at bringing the latest technologies to every country in the world.

Why Laxton

Laxton has the experience, expertise and partner network to successfully implement citizen identity solutions worldwide. 

Our bespoke solutions are sustainable and flexible, providing excellent user experiences for operators and citizens. Our end-to-end approach help customers implement Citizen Identity Systems, from Solution Design to in-country support.


Well-equipped for every task

Cost effective and sustainable

Design and manufacturing of hardware and software

Expert team

Local maintenance and personalised support

The freshly-compiled voters’ register by the Electoral Commission is arguably the most credible voter register in Ghana’s history.


President of Ghana

Election services for every part of the election cycle


Election Planning
We help election day run smoothly with planning, budgetary and scheduling alignment, staff recruitment and training, and infrastructure support.

Voter Registration
From applicant registration to voters’ roll you need to have the confidence in your elections biometric team to know it will be smooth, easy, and accurate.

The Central Voter Management System lets you securely and accurately manage data records produced at voter registration.

Voter Roll
Our team ensures your election day will be met with an accurate, reliable, and appropriately sectioned list that will assist election officials.

Election Day

Voter Verification
Our devices make sure the voters are registered at the correct polling station, measure voter turnout and verify the ballots cast.

Polling Station
We provide the required polling station equipment and supplies for any national, legislative, presidential or municipal elections.

Ballot production
Our Candidate Management System (CMS) captures data correctly the first time.

Paper voting, e-Voting or online voting. Our hardware agnostic solutions make it easy to meet your specific requirements.


Vote Count
From traditional to mobile electronic ballot counting, the process must result in seamless, live reporting.

Results transmission
Our integrated hardware and software solutions reliably transmit and consolidate Election results.

Results Report
We ensure quick turn-around time on data validation, and integrating to a central database.

Program Closure
We work with you to make sure all Post-Election procedures are managed and properly executed.

In defence of the electoral process, Laxton has biometrically registered in excess of 100 million people

Case Studies

Biometric kit training in Ghana

Ghana National Elections

December 7, 2020 was the day of the parliamentary national elections and to prepare, the Electoral Commission of Ghana implemented a new voter registration solution to ensure the accuracy of citizen’s information (no duplications), reduce fraud and deliver a secure voters Registration Roll.

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Tanzania Presidential Elections

For the 2015 Presidential Elections in Tanzania, the Tanzania National Election Commission required a new biometric voter registration and verification solution that would inspire faith in the electoral process, and that could reach all 58M people – regardless of where they were located.

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