Laxton specialises in designing, developing, and manufacturing rugged biometric registration kits (BRK) for voter registration and identity registration purposes. The kits are cost-effective, portable, easy-to-use, and capable of withstanding harsh operating conditions in any environment around the world.

Laxton’s biometric registration kits are designed to meet multi-modal biometric data capturing requirements.

Features include:

  • Fingerprint scanner: Laxton’s kits include fingerprint scanners that capture images of all ten fingers. Exceptions can be made where an applicant has lost digits. The quality of the fingerprint images are verified on-site to ensure that the fingerprints meet the minimum level of quality for de-duplication. Laxton’s solution forces the applicant to re-take their fingerprints when the minimum fingerprint image standards are not met.
  • Digital Camera: High resolution identity photographs are captured and stored to the customer’s prescribed minimum specifications. ID photographs are re-taken on site to ensure minimum quality standards are met. The photograph quality standards are aligned to the International Civil Aviation Organisation’s (ICAO) minimum standards.
  • Iris Scanner: A hardware component can be included in the camera assembly to scan an iris image of both eyes.
  • Electronic Signature Pad: An electronic signature pad and stylus allows the applicant to sign their name and their signature to be digitally recorded.
  • Real Time Data Capture View: Emphasis is placed on the applicant having sight of their details being captured in real time in order to avoid spelling mistakes, or errors related to the capturing of their biographic information. The captured data is relayed to the applicant in real time on the electronic signature pad screen to avoid errors.
  • Receipt Printer: A thermal receipt printer is included to produce a printed receipt or sticker with a barcode as confirmation of the applicant’s registration.
  • Instant PVC Card Issuance Printer: ID cards can be printed at the site of registration and used as confirmation of the applicants registration.
  • Laptop: A laptop is included with the necessary database software, data encryption, and central server connectivity services, to capture and secure biometric and biographic data.
  • Document Scanner: Supporting documents such as birth certificates, proof of address, identity documents, and/or identity verification letters can be scanned as required.
  • Power Supply: The unit includes an advanced power system which allows for a minimum of 10 hours continuous use.


Features of the biometric registration kit are shown in the images below:

The BRK kits are housed in single, rugged, man-portable, cases. The inside of the case is lined with high density foam, custom-machined to match the exact size of the BRK kit components. This prevents damage while being transported over rugged terrain in remote locations.

Additional items such as: solar panels, back-up battery, ID photo backdrop, hardware accessories, and spares, can be included in a comfortable man-portable backpack.

A selection of Laxton’s Biometric Registration Kits are shown in the images below: