Laxton specialises in integrating biometric hardware components (biometric registration devices), and proprietary software modules, that together allow for secure data collection, encryption, validation, transmission, consolidation, reporting, and storage, of large biometric voter registration databases.

The unique biometric data that is collected for each individual applicant is transmitted to a central server, consolidated, and de-duplicated in order to generate a voter registration database from which a voters roll can be produced.

Laxton has developed an advanced Central Voter Management System (CVMS) in order for the data records produced at voter registration centres to be uploaded, decrypted, validated, imported, reported, managed, and stored.

Each CVMS component and module is designed to work independently to process large scale data in the most efficient manner. Data completeness, and accuracy, are key design principles and ensure that data integrity is maintained at all times.

The Automated Biometric Identification Solution (ABIS) is integrated into the CVMS to perform de-duplication of data, that is: the identification, and removal of duplicates in the database. The solution is interoperable with all major operating systems, database solutions and ABIS providers.

The CVMS is designed with the following underlying design principles:

  • Ability to integrate with existing infrastructure
  • Adaptability to meet specific customer needs
  • Efficiency
  • Low cost, but high value by focusing on key application procedures
  • Multi-platform interoperability
  • Security
  • Simplicity
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