Laxton’s production facilities, technical skills, supply chain, large volume consolidation, and experience with mass scale logistics allows for the procurement, production, and delivery of required polling station equipment and supplies for any national, legislative, presidential or municipal elections

Laxton’s Election Day equipment, supplies, and consumables include:

  • Ballot boxes
    • Laxton supplies ballot boxes and security seals to meet customer requirements for elections
    • In many elections more than one ballot is cast requiring the need for more than one ballot box at the polling booth. This necessitates the need for different colored ballot box lids, and security seals for identification and audit trail purposes
    • Laxton can supply ballot boxes made of durable polypropylene (PP) or PVC material. These are available in different sizes and transparencies
    • Collapsible PVC plastic ballot boxes are available, and these are easily stackable when empty for ease of transport and to reduce storage space between election days
  • Corrugated and polypropylene carton furniture
    • Laxton supplies cardboard carton polling booths and furniture to customer requirements
    • The cardboard carton is collapsible for ease of transport and storage and can be recycled
  • Election and Government official branded apparel:
    • T-shirts, hats, reflective vests, backpacks etc.
  • Election signage and branding:
    • Polling station and Registration Centre banners and signage
  • Indelible ink; Indelible ink pens and brushes
  • Security envelopes & Security paper
  • Security seals
    • Security seals are a critical security feature of any ballot box and a minimum of 4 to 6 seals is typically required to secure the lid, and ballot box opening . Laxton supplies security seals in any colour required.
  • Stationery packs
    • Laxton supplies standard stationery packs necessary at all registration centres and polling stations (pens, marker pens, scissors, glue, ruler, elastic bands, stapler, folders, paper, masking tape, paper clips, plastic sleeves, and plastic folders as required)
    • Items can be sourced and delivered to customer requirements
  • Voting booths
    • Laxton supplies cardboard carton and durable polypropylene (PP) polling booths to customer requirements
    • The polling booths are collapsible, and supplied flat, for ease of transport and storage
    • The polling booths can be recycled for future elections

Laxton also has the ability and supply chain to source almost any commodity for any large scale national election, or national identity registration or verification program. This includes  the supply of items such as tents, furniture, paper, vehicles, ablution facilities etc.

Timeous delivery of polling station equipment and supplies is critical to ensuring that voting on Election Day is seamless.

Contact us and we will meet your requirements!

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