Election day
we help it run seamlessly

Election day can be stressful. Laxton simplifies things so you can focus on the success of the day and not worry about your tools functioning.

In 2019, more people will vote than ever before. Nearly two billion voters in 50 countries around the world participated in elections. Aljazeera, 2020

Voter verification

All about accuracy. Our integrated biometric devices help you make sure the voters are registered at the correct polling station, measure voter turnout, and verify the ballots cast match against the number of verified voters.

Ballot production

For an operational e-voting, ballots (paper or electronic) generated must produce accurate ballot papers. Our Candidate Management System (CMS) captures data correctly the first time. Candidates can confirm registration at the time of capture, and then the info is communicated electronically to printers for ballot production.


All this preparation leads to the moment the ballots are cast. For paper voting, e-Voting, and online voting solutions we have you covered. Our hardware agnostic solutions make it easy to meet your specific requirements. Different solutions and levels of technology can be used at different phases.

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World leaders in secure polling station consumables

LAXTON has the supply chain to source commodities for large scale national identity registration or national identity verification programs. This includes items such as tents, furniture, paper, vehicles, ablution facilities etc.