Chameleon D

An all-in-one portable desktop for high-quality identity registration and verification.

biometric desktop

LG - Cham D Page - Rev 01 - 19 Oct 2021-04

Desktop experience
Extend its capabilities with custom accessories.

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Online and offline use
Export data to USB or the built-in SD card securely and transmit data over: 3G, 4G/ Wi-Fi/ Bluetooth.

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Slide-out keyboard
Slide-out the full keyboard when needed.

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Digital signature capture
Includes digital signature pad and pen (stylus).

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On-the-spot use
No physical setup is required. Pop it up, and go!

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Retractable arm
Conveniently collapsible arm with A4 document scanner capability.


Large screen
It’s 10.1” screen allows you to fill in large forms with ease.

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Build custom apps
Easy development of authentication applications.


Read all documents
Reading Passports and identity cards with contactless and contact chips, barcodes.


Fingerprint capture
Capture 1, 2 or 4 fingerprints at once. Tamper proof and ultra secure.

Identity verificationAs easy as 1-2-3

Use case

Identity registration & verification

Chameleon D is a compact, secure, all-in-one registration and verification device. This desktop is ideal for both public and private services.

Use case

Border control & law enforcement

Register or verify individuals using a combination of documents, biometrics and reference databases.

Use case

Voter registration & voting

Chameleon D has all the capabilities for high-quality and efficient voter registration for enrollment, and verification on election day.

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