Using Laxton, Malawi established a biometric national ID system at breakneck speed.

Tariq Malik

United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)

Malawi 2017 to present
Identity Solutions

This country of 18.6M individuals known for its emerging wildlife, kind people, and as the “warm heart of Africa” needed digital identity solutions for its people. 

A significant challenge faced Malawi in 2017: the need for biometric National ID cards which would be the first time its citizens would receive National ID cards. 

  • 9 Million

    Citizens received National ID cards for the first time

  • 4,780 NRB officials trained

    Trainers, operators, central staff, field technicians, and advanced technicians

  • 1st Time

    Digital identity for people of Malawi

Identity solution for the
1st National ID card for Malawians

Following project specifications and guidelines from the UNDP, we developed a Central Biometric Record Management System (CRMS) and Data Collection Centre with a customized software interface for Malawi. This allowed for the accurate consolidation of new data to securely be added into the existing National Registration and Identification System (NRIS), and ensured continuous registration. 

Our multi-functional biometric registration kit solution ensured that all requirements were met, and they used both battery and solar power systems so there was no downtime during registration.  Nearly 70% of the kits were powered by our solar systems and these were often used instances where there was no access to electricity or a generator.

After 4 years
we continue to work together

We also worked in-country and provided support including the training of the NRB officers. The program was successfully rolled out in only 6 months resulting in the citizens of Malawi receiving a National ID card for the first time in the country’s history.

The sustainable approach presented by the Malawian officials we were working with allowed us to have multi-purpose for our kits and in addition, we adjusted them to include biometric voter registration hardware and software. 

Of note: we are delighted to report that after 4 years, our kits are still prominent in the registering of people in different locations across the country.

Why Laxton


Able to work within the requirements and needs of a unique country to ensure knowledge transfer, and deliver targeted training


Worked closely with the UNDP and to ensure project success for digital identity needs through National Registration Bureau (NRB)

Sustainable solutions

Considered importance of solar power supply for devices

Malawi Election Digital Identity Kit Preparation

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