Indonesia AFIS Security Solution

With a population of 270 million people over 13,000 islands, and covering a land mass of nearly 2 million sq km, Indonesia is vast and unique in its make up. 

However, this type of landscape presents significant power and internet challenges. As a result, the Indonesian law enforcement authority had challenges with registering and verifying suspected criminals, identifying terrorist threats, and documenting crime scenes. The Indonesian AFIS department needed to have a biometric solution to ensure that they could track across all the different islands and feel confident that the devices they would use for this would be able to withstand their difficult terrain. 

Recording and communicating this information, and verifying the data against existing identity databases was a main requirement for the success of the authorities for this project. Managing these challenges requires reliable and up to date technology in order to improve efficiencies related to law enforcement.

Being part of the solution to reduce challenges for the frontline in Indonesia is rewarding, and further shows the importance of on-the-spot biometric solutions.
Hennie Meeding
CTO, Laxton Group

Innovative solution to assist law enforcement needs

Our team designed, manufactured, and delivered a tailored identity registration and verification solution. Combining our multi-modal biometric technology, national database information, and proven forensic methodology, the lndonesian law enforcement officials are in a stronger position to serve and protect their people and increase the speed of crime reduction. 

Our solution integrated key biometric features including tremendous data storage capacity and computer processing speeds to lift data-heavy files and manage very large biometric databases.

The lightweight and rugged design of the mobile biometric device makes it possible for law enforcement officials to carry them into the field. This is necessary in densely populated urban areas, and remote, isolated areas, where speed is critical to the success of a criminal investigation.


Impacted infrastructure: 13,000 islands better connected through biometrics.

Improved database

Complete integration with AFIS: able to track suspects and criminals more easily.

12-hours of active use

No downtime for registration: additional use of solar power to support flexibility of the devices to work in the absence of battery power.

Improved infrastructure and on-the-spot authentication and verification

The integration of our devices into the security solution for Indonesia allows for reliable biometric data to be recorded, thereby helping law enforcement track individuals across the different islands. Plus, they can authenticate and verify ID documents of suspected criminals right on scene. 

With the longevity of the power system in the devices (using battery, solar, and backup battery) they have the ability to securely register individuals for a 12-hour day with no downtime. This has changed infrastructure limitations for the country.