Indonesia comprises thirteen thousand islands covering a land area of almost 2 million square kilometers, with 261 million people, making it the fourth most populous country in the world.

With such a large populated country, spread over thousands of islands, the law enforcement authority is faced with numerous challenges. Registering and verifying suspected criminals, identifying terrorist threats, and documenting crime scenes is a massive undertaking and a time consuming process. Recording and communicating this information, and verifying the data against existing identity databases becomes critical to the success of the judicial and police authorities. Dealing with these challenges requires reliable and up to date technology in order to improve efficiencies related to law enforcement.

Laxton Identity Registration and Verification Solutions

Laxton has designed, manufactured, and delivered multi-modal biometric equipment for identity registration and identity verification purposes in Indonesia. By combining Laxton’s multi-modal biometric technology, and national database information, with tried and tested forensic methodology, law enforcement officials are better placed to serve the public and increase the speed at which criminals are brought to book.

Law enforcement officials are using Laxton’s mobile biometric devices to identify suspects, and document evidence at crime scenes. These all-in-one, multi-modal, biometric devices include a fingerprint scanner, iris scanner, high resolution 13 MP camera, microphone, and barcode readers. The biometric device includes data storage capacity and computer processing speeds designed to store data-heavy files and manage large biometric databases.

These features enable officials to record the biometric data (fingerprint, photo ID, iris, microphone), biographic information and any ID documents of suspected criminals at the crime scene. Victims, by-standers and witnesses can also be registered and verified at the scene to assist with the investigation. The biometric device has built-in 4G data connectivity ensuring that the data  can be cross-checked in real time against national criminal and identity databases. As a result, suspected criminals with an existing criminal record can be identified immediately. Suspects, witnesses, and victims who are not already on a database can also be registered on site for a comprehensive record of those involved in the incident.

The lightweight and rugged design of the mobile biometric device makes it possible for law enforcement officials to carry the device in the field. This is necessary in densely populated urban areas, and remote, isolated areas, where speed is critical to the success of a criminal investigation.

Laxton’s Biometric Registration Equipment

Suspected criminals, police officials, and citizens can also register their biographic and biometric data at designated registration centres across the country using Laxton’s stand alone biometric registration equipment. The data is recorded on the biometric system and uploaded to a national criminal database from where it can be used to verify identities.

The registration equipment is built with Laxton’s specially designed power system which ensure’s no downtime during a 12 hour day. The kits can be powered by mains, generator, solar, and backup battery. This is especially important for officials in remote areas with limited infrastructure such as inaccessible forests, and isolated islands.

The registration equipment includes:

  • FBI certified fingerprint scanner for all 10 fingers and the ability to account for lost digits and amputees
  • A unique camera sub-assembly with LED lighting system for ICAO standard photo ID
  • A document scanner with automated document feeder and settings to read National ID cards
  • Printer and 14″ laptop
  • The kits are housed in rugged, portable, lightweight, IP67, water resistant, dust-proof and shock proof cases
  • The kit cases are internally lined with high-density size-matching foam to secure and store the registration equipment on a long term basis

In-country Support

Laxton is providing in-country services and staff from its satellite office in Indonesia to support the roll out of the biometric registration and verification devices. The services include: project implementation, supply chain management, logistics, technical support, and hardware training of Indonesian security officers.

Laxton has also provided in-country technical training to allow officials to deliver further training and services to the project. This provided the customer with all the tools required to collect and manage the roll out of the devices with Laxton’s support.

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