Entry-Exit System for stronger and smarter borders

Laxton solutions are tailored to strengthen Schengen borders by increasing efficiency, border security, and better managing overstayers.

A new era of border control

Laxton’s incredibly user-friendly solutions provide fast and accurate information to border guards about a visitor’s ID, visa, duration of stay, and other relevant info. The EES collects, stores, and shares data from centralized databases so the information is up-to-date, accurate, and accessible for all control guards at land, sea, and airport borders.

  • Security

    Reinforce internal security and the fight against terrorism and serious crime

  • Efficiency

    Quickly and easily deal with an ever-increasing number of travelers to the EU

  • Overstayers

    Prevent individuals from remaining beyond authorized visiting time

Entry-Exit System 
use case scenario for airports

Why Laxton

Custom devices

Flexible, adaptable, and multi-purpose devices that meet the requirements of all border crossings - land, sea, and air


Intuitive interfaces for both travelers and guards lead to faster and more efficient border crossings


Our training programs are focused on equipping the border guards with all the skills and information to operate the devices securely and efficiently

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