Laxton delivered a complete Election Solution to the Zimbabwe Election Commission in 2017 enabling 5.5 million people to register ahead of the National Harmonized Elections that took place in Zimbabwe on 30 July 2018. The 2018 elections issued in a new era in Zimbabwe’s history with Emmerson Mnangagwa sworn in as president following the election results. The success of the voter registration program was endorsed by international organizations and independent observers.

The Election Solution included the delivery of 3,000 biometric voter registration kits with integrated hardware and customized software modules; central voter management system; voter’s roll; in-country project management and logistics; customized registration centre backpacks and accessories; election officer training and technical support. Some 8,000 election officials were trained and deployed for the program, with technical support for over 10,000 registration centres across the country. Laxton’s technical support staff were based locally in Zimbabwe for over 12 months to support the project. The project was delivered on time and within budget.

Project Delivery

  • Biometric Voter Registration hardware and software
  • Central Voter Management System
  • In-country project management and logistics
  • Election official training and technical support

Project Summary in Numbers

  • 5.5 million voters registered
  • 3,000 biometric voter registration kits deployed
  • 8,000 election officials trained
  • Technical support for 10,000 registration centres across the country

In-Country Project Management and Services

Laxton provided in-country services and staff from its office in Zimbabwe. The services included: project implementation, supply chain management, logistics, technical support, training of Zimbabwe Electoral Commission officers and on-going software and data management.

Laxton provided effective mass training to allow the ZEC to deliver further training and services to the project. This provided the tools required to collect and manage the registration exercise with Laxton’s support. Laxton provided both hardware and software technical support to government technicians and support staff. By coordinating in-country resources, our specialized and trained team has been able to support the products and ensure the equipment operated efficiently during the program. Laxton also provided software and data management support to the ZEC and guided the technical team in managing the national voter management database through its Central Management Services platform.

Voter Registration Equipment

Laxton designed, manufactured, and delivered 3,000 Biometric Voter Registration Kits for the Zimbabwe Voter Registration program. The BVR kits are the most versatile, advanced and light-weight kits in the world. This enables easy modification to adjust for numerous biometric and biographic requirements.

The Biometric Voter Registration (BVR) includes:

  • Laxton’s custom custom-built fingerprint sub-assembly with a fingerprint scanner for all 10 fingers and the ability to account for lost digits and amputees
  • A unique camera sub-assembly with unique LED lighting system for ICAO standard photo ID.
  • A document scanner, thermal receipt printer, and 14” laptop
  • Software interface built to record and validate biometric and biographic data
  • Unique power system built to ensure no downtime during the registration program and powered by mains, generator, solar, and backup battery.
  • The BVR kits are housed in rugged, portable, lightweight, IP67, water resistant, dust-proof and shock proof cases.
  • The BVR kit cases are internally lined with high-density size-matching foam to secure and store the registration equipment on a long term basis.
  • Backpacks were provided to house and transport accessories including solar panel and stand, photo ID booth, receipt books, user manuals, thermal sticker rolls, USB mouse, adaptors, tool and maintenance kit, and cables.

Watch the Video showing Laxton delivering the end-to-end Election Solution in Zimbabwe.