Project Summary

Laxton delivered a comprehensive biometric voter registration solution ahead of the 2015 Presidential Elections in Tanzania. Laxton’s equipment successfully registered 23 million voters across the country ahead of the Presidential Election where John Magufuli was elected president. Some 26.4 million pre-printed voter ID cards were delivered for the project. At the time these voter ID cards were the only available form of identity card in Tanzania.

The solution included the design, manufacture and delivery of 8,000 Biometric Registration and Instant PVC Card Issuance Kits with integrated biometric hardware and software modules; data collection centres; a central data management system; mini-Automated Fingerprint Information System (AFIS); a unique battery and solar power solution for continuous registration in remote areas; in-country project management; election official training and support; equipment maintenance; spares and supply chain management;  and technical support staff based locally in Tanzania for 6 months to support the project.

In 2017, 5,000 of Laxton’s biometric voter registration kits were acquired by Tanzania’s National Identification Authority (NIDA) for the roll out of the national identity registration program.

Biometric Voter Registration Solution

Laxton’s Biometric Voter Registration Kits included the following features:

  • Optical fingerprint scanner to capture all ten fingers
  • Barcode reader to scan Identification cards
  • Camera and photo booth assembly to capture an ICAO standard photograph ID of the voter
  • A4 document scanner to scan forms and ID documents
  • Card printer to instantly print a voter registration card (Instant Issue PVC card printer)
  • Laptop loaded with voter registration software
  • Battery system to allow the kit to operate for 10 hours. Charging of the battery was possible via AC, generators, car chargers, and solar panels
  • Solar panel stored as part of the kit to maintain battery charge during operations

The integrated software solution included the following key features:

  • Functions to capture biographic data
  • Capturing of biometric data including fingerprint and photo ID
  • Scanning of A4 documents
  • Exporting data to temporary storage mediums (transfer medium)
  • Tools to effortlessly update software
  • Security scripts to prohibit unauthorized access to data
  • Mini-AFIS solution to detect voters that were trying to register more than once (i.e. prevent duplication of voters)
  • Hardware diagnostics tool to assist the operators with hardware troubleshooting

Laxton also developed and deployed a Data Collection Centre that included the necessary hardware and software for:

  • Importing tools to import data from temporary storage mediums to the central server
  • Syncing of data between the Data Collection Centre and the Central voter management system
  • De-duplication of data: that is the identification, and removal of duplicates in the database
  • Reporting on the number of files received on an hourly basis

Laxton provided in-country project management and technical support staff based locally in Tanzania for 6 months to support the project together with the Tanzania National Election Commission. Laxton partnered with Lithotech for the successful delivery of this project.

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