Project Summary:

Laxton supplied customized hardware equipment for the 2014 Parliamentary Elections in Mozambique.

Project Solution:

The solution delivered by Laxton included:

  • Delivery of hardware equipment for 4,500 biometric enrollment kits
  • Delivery of a Data Collection Centre (DCC) to capture 12 million records with the following functions:
    • Importing tools to import data
    • Syncing of data between the Data Collection Centre and the Central Voter Management System
    • File de-duplication based on file name
    • Reporting function
  • Delivery of a Central Voter Management System (CVM) and Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS) to manage 12 million records. This included:
    • a central database repository
    • a voter management system
    • a de-duplication solution based on the biometric data
    • an adjudication solution
    • a solution to manage and print voters lists
  • Delivery of services including
    • In-country Project Management
    • Training
    • Technical Support
    • Knowledge Transfer

The end-customer was the Mozambique Electoral Commission and the equipment was successfully delivered in 21 days.