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Biometrics fingerprints

How to combat biometric spoofing attacks

When identifying or authenticating a person, reliability is essential. Biometrics helps establish people based on who they are rather than what they know, making it one of the safest methods. However, fraudsters never sleep and can find ways to impersonate.

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The evolution of identity verification 

For most, an official identity implicates a passport, driver’s license, or a national identity card. Proving your identity has been around forever. From claiming your status with jewelry to complex vein patterns, let’s explore the evolution of identity verification.

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Chameleon 8 is MOSIP compliant

Chameleon 8 is MOSIP compliant, which opens up new opportunities for countries to biometrically register and verify citizens, wherever they are. Creating an inclusive population register becomes possible. The device captures documents, irises, face (in line with ICAO requirements) and fingerprints.

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Explaining Biometrics

Physical and behavioral characteristics make us who we are; they are part of our identity.
These characteristics allow us to get identified and authenticated through a fingerprint, a passport photo, or facial capture. Processes and techniques have evolved, and biometrics has become widely accepted and adopted.

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The modernization of Indian police forces

The modernization of Indian police forces The second most populated nation in the world has its infrastructure challenges. Therefore, the Indian Police Service embraces the possibilities of technology to ensure public safety. The Henry Method

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Biometric data and USA privacy laws

The USA does not have any federal law dealing with the use of biometric data but certain states, like Illinois, have the Biometric Information Protection Act. BIPA imposes obligations on organizations that collect and use biometric information such as iris scans, fingerprints, voiceprints and DNA.

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Happy International Identity Day

The purpose of International Identity Day is to raise global awareness about the role of identity in empowering individuals to exercise their rights and responsibilities fairly and equitably in today’s society.

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