THE HAGUE, NL – November 12, 2020 – Laxton Group today announced that effective immediately, industry figure Nikita Kolesnev, has joined the senior management team in the role of Vice President Partner Sales (Global).

Nikita is highly respected and well-known in the Identity industry. He has worked for the past 16 years with Regula Forensics leading their Global Sales and Partner Ecosystem of 80+ partners. During that time, his efforts supported selling solutions to more than 130 countries. The Laxton team has been working with Nikita as a driver for the new Chameleon5R product which was co-developed between Laxton and Regula. A core responsibility of his new role will include the promotion of the Chameleon range of biometric products into the market globally via our partner ecosystem.

“We are honored and proud to have Nikita join us. He is a stalwart in our industry and will add immense value to our dynamic team in accelerating our partner growth and relationships. With a wealth of knowledge and passion for the industry, we are confident that he will bring energy and breadth to the work we are doing now and in the future. ” Lyle Laxton, CEO, Laxton Group

His education in International Relations, Global Business, and Business Administration (MBA) is a natural complement to his role and helps him bring big thinking and a strategic approach to his work.

“Welcoming an industry figurehead like Nikita to the Laxton management team is extremely exciting. Particularly, as he will focus on an area of our business both Nikita and Laxton are so passionate about – our partners. Laxton’s continuous growth by working with our global partner community sets the scene for Nikita to bolster our overall growth strategy and our dominant position in our markets.” Nick Perkins, President: Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA), Laxton Group.

Being quadrilingual (English, French, Russian, Belarussian) reflects his diversity and further supports his ability to build solid relationships around the globe. Specifically, he will be based out of the EMEA Region.

“I am very honored to join such a devoted and talented team. I firmly believe that by working together with like-minded people, amazing achievements are possible. I look forward to the challenges ahead and the successes that will follow as I work and grow with such extraordinary people in Laxton Group,” Nikita Kolesnev, Vice President Partner Sales (Global), Laxton Group.


About Laxton Group
Equipped with a full complement of highly experienced professionals in software development, engineering, manufacturing, and project management, Laxton has a proven track record of successfully implementing large scale projects. Laxton can rapidly move from creation of concept design and prototyping, to complete manufacture and final execution all under one roof. This makes Laxton extremely flexible, dynamic, innovative and unique in its ability to deliver effectively on mission critical projects.

Innovation is a core focus in the organization. Laxton develops its own IP, products and solutions. Flagship technologies include biometrics (fingerprint, iris, face, voice), big data analytics and cryptography (digital signatures, encryption, public key infrastructure).

Laxton’s world class software solutions are advanced, secure and adaptable to specific customer requirements and include the following core systems and platforms:
• Elections Software Suite 
• Identity Software Suite
• Law Enforcement Software Suite
• ABIS & De-Deduplication Software Suite
• Middleware, SDK/API’s for Multi-Modal Biometrics
• Security, Encryption, Updates & Maintenance Platform

Laxton manufactures the following product lines:
• Biometric Registration Kits
• Portable Biometric Handheld Devices​
• Rugged Biometric Tablets​
• Rugged Biometric Laptops
• Integrated Biometric Desktop Products​
• Self-Service Enrollment Kiosks
• Voting Terminals

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