Originally Posted on Biometric Update on December 9, 2019

SecuGen‘s biometric U20 fingerprint sensor has been integrated into Laxton‘s Chameleon tablet solution, the companies have announced.

First launched back in 2014, the U20 fingerprint sensor is FAP 20 and PIC certified, and is designed for integration into a wide range of devices. Laxton’s Chameleon brand, meanwhile, includes rugged, highly configurable devices that are designed to support multi-modal authentication across a variety of operational environments.

In a statement announcing the integration of the U20 into the Chameleon line, Laxton President of the Americas Nelson Pereira highlighted the sensor’s quality and price. “We selected the SecuGen sensor because of our insistence on using only the highest quality components in our products,” he said. “Additionally, we were looking for a sensor that is priced for larger scale deployments, and so the U20 sensor was the perfect choice. We are very pleased with the resulting integration.”

For SecuGen’s part, the company’s CEO, Won Lee, was not short on praise for its partner, either. “We share a similar commitment to quality, cost, and adaptability with Laxton,” he said. “Therefore, it has been a delight to partner and work with a world leader like Laxton on this versatile range of hand-helds, tablets and desktop devices.”

News of the integration comes soon after Laxton’s launch of the latest entry in its Chameleon line, the Chameleon 8 Slap+, at Trustech 2019 last month.

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