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ID4Africa: Laxton Group’s Nick Perkins talks the Launch of Chameleon D, Multimodal Biometrics, and the Future of Voting [Audio] 

Nick Perkins, President EMEA, Laxton Group (left), and Peter O’Neill, President, FindBiometrics, at ID4Africa 2019.

FindBiometrics is in Johannesburg, reporting live from ID4Africa 2019, where the biometrics industry is convening to help realize the future of next-generation identity technology in Africa. All week we are bringing you live audio interviews recorded on the exhibition floor with biometrics industry experts helping transform identity services across the continent.

Peter O’Neill, President of FindBiometrics spoke with Nick Perkins, President EMEA, Laxton Group. Their conversation starts with the company’s latest addition to the Chameleon line of biometric products – the Chameleon D, a multimodal biometric desktop device. Perkins goes on to share the company’s recent successes in the African region and beyond, highlighting its new office headquartered in Amsterdam.

In this interview, Perkins speaks to the “blood, sweat, and tears” that went into the R&D for the company’s rugged devices, committing to a multimodal biometrics approach that provides customers a range of choices. Concluding, Perkins offers us a glimpse of what’s next from Laxton Group, including a military grade biometric laptop, and efforts in electronic voting.

Listen to the full ID4Africa audio interview with Nick Perkins, President EMEA, Laxton Group:

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