Laxton Group to Launch Chameleon D at ID4Africa 2019

17 June 2019 – Laxton will launch the ChameleonD at ID4Africa 2019 taking place from 18-20 June at Emperors Palace Convention Centre in Johannesburg, South Africa. The Chameleon D is an addition to the Chameleon Biometrics family of products in the form factor of an integrated, multi-modal biometric desktop device.

“The ChameleonD, true to the fundamentals of the Chameleon brand, is highly configurable and without question the most adaptable integrated desktop device in the world. It will further bolster the highly successful Chameleon8 and Chameleon5 product ranges” says Nick Perkins, President of EMEA for Laxton.

As a company originally founded in South Africa in 2004, this is an exciting time to be part of the ID4Africa movement as countries throughout Africa continue to adopt biometric technology and harmonize their identity systems.

Laxton has a long and successful history in Africa having delivered large scale Election & Identity solutions in Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Malawi, Mozambique, South Africa, Tanzania, and Zimbabwe. We are proud to have played a role in the delivery of some of the first biometric voter registration and national identity databases in Africa and look forward to continue implementing such systems throughout this region.

Laxton will showcase the complete range of Chameleon multi-modal biometric devices, including those aligned to the European EES (European Entry Exit System), as well as Mass Registration and Live Capture Projects, specifically the Chameleon 8 Slap, which is additionally used for mobile passport/ID biometric verification.

Laxton’s software solutions and Chameleon devices are tailored to a wide range of civil ID identity registration, identity authentication, law enforcement, border control, election, and know-your-customer applications.

We look forward to welcoming all visitors to our Booth F01 at ID4Africa 2019.

About Laxton Group
Laxton is a global leader in providing cost effective, high technology Election, Identity and Self Service solutions to governments and corporations. Laxton is known globally for high quality manufacture of the following 7 major product lines:

  1. Biometric Registration Kits
  2. Rugged Biometric Tablets
  3. Rugged Biometric Handhelds
  4. Integrated Biometric Desktops
  5. Rugged Biometric Laptops
  6. Self Service Enrollment Kiosks
  7. E-Voting Terminals

Equipped with a full complement of highly experienced professionals in software development, engineering, manufacturing, and project management, Laxton has a proven track record of successfully implementing large scale projects. Laxton can rapidly move from creation of concept design and prototyping, to complete manufacture and final execution all under one roof.

Laxton, founded in 2004, now operates from various branches around the world. Laxton has large, established production and R&D Technology facilities, along with regional headquarters as follows:

  • EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) serviced from Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • AMERICAS (North America and Latin Americas) serviced from New York, USA
  • APAC (Asia Pacific) serviced from Hong Kong and Guangzhou, China

Please visit or email  for more information about the group.

About Chameleon
Chameleon Biometrics offers a range of the most ADAPTABLE biometric Tablets, handhelds, and integrated desktop devices in the world.

Chameleon products provide the customer with choices across a multitude of biometric modalities, including a variety of fingerprint sensor options (single, two-finger, and 10 print slap sensors), face and iris, allowing the customer to align their specific requirements to the most appropriate configuration. They also have the capability to capture high quality ICAO images with unique camera lighting systems.

Chameleon products are IP65 rated and MIL-810-G certified making them shock, dust, and water resistant. With sunlight readable, scratch-resistant, multi-touch displays they are easy to use and operate in even the  most remote and rugged environments. The long-life removable and rechargeable smart battery ensures uninterrupted use and no down time when rolling out large identity registration and verification programs.

The Chameleon products include NFC and smart card readers, along with verification scanners for MRZ and barcode scanning across an array of communication protocols to allow for seamless data management.

Built with established operating systems, superior processors, large internal memory and data storage, Chameleon products allow for secure data capture, and storage of large biometric databases for the customer.

The Chameleon brand is a flagship brand under the Laxton Group umbrella.

Please visit or email  for more information about the Chameleon product range.

Chameleon D

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