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Citizen Identity

Laxton delivers bespoke end-to-end solutions in the Election, Citizen Identity and National Security sectors. Our solutions include thoughtfully designed equipment and software to register and verify all citizens, no matter where they are. The seamless integration of our devices and software ensures an excellent user experience for both citizens and operators.


From initial planning to final wrap-up, we support governments across the globe to organise and conduct successful elections.

• Election planning
• Voter management
• Voter registration
• Voter verification
• Results management


We work closely with governments to build comprehensive civil registry databases. We can offer solutions to register everyone, even in the most remote areas with limited infrastructure.

• ID management system
• Biometric verification
• Biometric enrolment
• ID cards


We offer a range of fast, effective solutions for border control, law enforcement and national security.

• Secure document authentication
• Law enforcement solutions
• Multi-modal verification
• Border management solutions
• Rugged biometric devices

7 Step Process

from solution design to in-country support

Our tailor-made end-to-end solutions for Elections, Citizen Identity and Security are robust, cost-effective and deliver an unparalleled user experience for operators and citizens. Accessible. Effective. Accurate.


A device to meet every need

Each device in our product family is designed in-house for a specific scenario and operating environment. We listen to what the client’s needs and challenges are, and provide the appropriate solutions. From verifying travellers at borders to registering citizens in remote and harsh environments. We have a device to get the job done.